The Program

Our Purpose

Impact enterprises play a vital role in accelerating worldwide adoption of sustainable and inclusive technologies, policies and behaviors. Island economies, by virtue of their remote location and resource scarcity, have and continue to develop innovative and sustainable ways of solving their social and environmental challenges.  HIR combines the wisdom of our kupuna with modern tools to empower entrepreneurs to increase impact while building resilient businesses.

Our Approach

The cohort deconstructs, analyzes, reflects and then reconstructs their business and financial models to be more resilient and impactful. Concurrently, we engage investors and philanthropists through coaching, presentations and matchmaking to more effectively connect the right resources to each enterprise.

Content and engagement is delivered peer-to-peer, one-on-one, and in group workshops.

HIR Presentation Days

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    "I will tell you that I am 100% certain that bringing social enterprises together for capacity building, networking and solution finding will have a powerful impact not only on those enterprises but also the eco-system that we must create to better nurture Hawaii's innovative and unique responses to our changing world.”

    Johanna Ventura, Waipā

Enterprises share their progress with the community at the end of each year. These presentations:

  • Showcase impact business models to the public that are delivering and scaling on impact, solving critical social and environmental challenges in the Pacific Region.
  • Empower the community to engage with the enterprises either through resource sharing, grant making or investing.
  • Spread the message of the diversity and quality of island grown impact integrated businesses to others who may be inspired to tackle community and regional challenges through enterprise creation.