Are you ready to take your Hawaiʻi Social Enterprise to the next level?

Combining Hawaiian Wisdom with Modern Tools to Build Resilient Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise, delivering social and/or environmental benefits, plays a vital role in accelerating worldwide adoption of sustainable and inclusive technologies, policies and behaviors.  Island economies, by virtue of their remote location and resource scarcity, have and continue to develop innovative and sustainable ways of solving their social and environmental challenges.

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Regional & Global Impact

Our program supports both for and not for profit ventures with scalable solutions to regional and global challenges.  We focus on companies integrating a Hawaiian Island worldview – with impact themes like culture and language, resource conservation, family, community, and education – into their core business.

Capacity Building

Hawai’i Investment Ready is tailored to equip purpose-driven entrepreneurs with the tools they need to strengthen their financial sustainability, business model and governance, thereby increasing their impact.  We select enterprises ready for an intense, mindset-shifting experience – enterprises ready to scale. Participants deconstruct, analyze, reflect and rebuild their ventures in a peer-to-peer and coach-facilitated setting.

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Impact Investors and Philanthropists

Our program links investors and philanthropists to enterprise delivering impact with a Hawaiian Worldview. We work closely with action-oriented investors and grantors committed to investing in and supporting our participating ventures.  Our brand of capacity building helps to de-risk and fortify ventures solving serious social and environmental challenges here in Hawaiʻi, the Pacific Basin and around the globe.

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    I know that our HIR time definitely increased our capacity to lead Waipā in many, many ways.

    Johanna Ventura, Waipā

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    “HIR provided the time and structure to work with peers, established professionals, mentors, and investors to really dig into the fundamental core of our businesses, not only to giving immense insight and perspective, but it built confidence and strength where it matters the most: within.”

    Alan Lovewell, Real Good Fish