About Hawaii Investment Ready

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Hawaiʻi Investment Ready supports the people and organizations addressing Hawaiʻi’s social and environmental opportunities by accelerating social enterprise impact and access to investment.

We’re investing in a resilient economy for all Hawaiʻi.

HIR Accelerator

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Our program strengthens both for and not for profit enterprises with scalable solutions to regional and global challenges. We focus on companies integrating a Hawaiʻi worldview – with impact themes like education, family, community, culture and language, and resource conservation – into their core business.

HIR Accelerator

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Impact Ecosystem

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Our Leveraging Hawaiʻi Capital events educate Hawaiʻi investors and philanthropists on best practices, policies, and diverse strategies for investing in and amplifying impact. These transformational workshops are led by local and global industry experts. If you are interested in attending a LHC workshop, please email us.

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Our Partners

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